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Teachers at the Old Town School

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John Abbey

Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Guitar | Private Lessons

Sandra Adrian

Dance, Ballet

Patrik Ahlberg

Violin, Fiddle, Guitar | Private Lessons

Anne-Marie Akin

Wiggleworms Program, Voice, School Partnerships

Saladeen Alamin

Dance, Latin Mambo

Henry Altenberg

Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Electric Bass | Private Lessons

Little Miss Ann

Wiggleworms Program, School Partnerships

Luciano Antonio

Guitar | Private Lessons

Mike Austin

Percussion, Bodhran | Private Lessons

Manny Bances


Karen Banks-Lubicz

Wiggleworms Program, School Partnerships

Louis Bardales

Guitar | Private Lessons

Tisa Batchelder

Wiggleworms Program, Lullabies, Meet the Instruments

Dona Benkert

Hammered Dulcimer, Appalachian Dulcimer, Autoharp, Bowed Psaltery, Mountain Dulcimer | Private Lessons

Brandi Berry Benson

Fiddle, Violin, Viola | Private Lessons

Rachael Botz

Wiggleworms Kids’ Group Violin

Mike Brauer

Voice, Piano, Recorder | Private Lessons

Bill Brickey

Guitar, Wiggleworms Program, Drummers, Voice for Guitarists | Private Lessons

Peggy Browning

Guitar, Banjo, Ensembles

Andrea Bunch

Guitar, Dance & Movement - Yoga, School Partnerships

Greg Cahill

Banjo | Private Lessons

Philip Caldwell

Piano, Voice | Private Lessons

Sam Cantor

Kids Guitar, Wiggleworms, Kids Group Piano, Advanced Kids Ensemble, School Partnerships

Mars Caulton

Little Drummers

Alison Chesley

Cello | Private Lessons

Liz Chidester

Ukulele, Wiggleworms Program, Voice, Piano, Guitar, School Partnerships | Private Lessons

Idy Ciss

West African Dance

Mallory Coakley

Little Strummers, Young Voices, Wiggleworms

Sean Colledge

Fiddle, Guitar, Irish Tenor Banjo, Irish Mandolin, Irish Concertina, Cajun Accordion, Clawhammer Banjo | Private Lessons

Daniel Connolly


Jim Conway


Marisa Cordeiro

Dance & Movement - Capoeira, School Partnerships

Carlos Cornier

Drumming, Conga, Big Drummers, School Partnerships

Chris Corsale

Guitar | Private Lessons

Dill Costa

Brazilian Dance

Bette Coulson

Piano | Private Lessons

Mary Ann Covone

Accordion, Piano | Private Lessons

Kathy Cowan

Voice | Private Lessons

Sandra Cross

Voice | Private Lessons

Leah Dahline

Piano | Private Lessons

Nick Davio

Wiggleworms Program, Musical Theater, Young Voices, Exceptional Wiggleworms, School Partnerships

Craig Davis Pinson

Guitar, Songwriting, Classical Composition, Theory, Free Improvisation, Music Production

Steve Dawson

Guitar, Songwriting | Private Lessons

Meg Dedolph

Wiggleworms Program

Sue Demel

Songwriting, Voice | Private Lessons

Lisa Joy DeRosia

Wiggleworms Program, Guitar, Piano, Voice

Deanna Devore

Guitar, Songwriting | Private Lessons

Jim DeWan


Tony Do Rosario

Jazz Guitar | Private Lessons

Laura Doherty

Wiggleworms Program

Steve Doyle

Dobro, Guitar, Lap Steel | Private Lessons

Al Ehrich

Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Cello, Dance & Movement - Qi Gong | Private Lessons

Erin English

Children’s Art

John Erickson

Piano | Private Lessons

Will Fancher


Raul Fernandez

Percussion, Cajón

Victor Figueroa

Piano | Private Lessons

Joe Filisko

Harmonica | Private Lessons

Ryan Fisher

Banjo, Guitar | Private Lessons

Jonas Friddle

Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Ensembles, Band Coaching, School Partnerships | Private Lessons

Dan Fulkerson

Guitar | Private Lessons

Luis Galvez

Voice | Private Lessons

Jeff Gandy


Heitor Garcia

Brazilian Percussion, Brazilian Drum Kit | Private Lessons

Pedro Garcia

Guitar | Private Lessons

John Goldman

Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Wind Instruments | Private Lessons

Allison Grabarczyk

Kids Dance, Adult Dance

Lucas Greeff

Youth and Adult Dance Classes

Marshall Greenhouse

Drum Kit, Percussion | Private Lessons

Chloe Guerra

Kids’ Piano Young Voices | Private Lessons

Joshua Guy

Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion, Dance Accompanist

Nook Hall

School Partnerships

Frank Hamilton

Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar

Julie Helenius

Wiggleworms Program

Steven Hemmy

Piano, Violin, Fiddle | Private Lessons

Donna Herula

Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Blues, Slide, Fingerstyle | Private Lessons

Jarrett Hicks

Percussion | Private Lessons

Bill Hohnke

Voice, Piano | Private Lessons

Zosia Holden

Piano | Private Lessons

Ed Holstein

Guitar, Banjo

John Huber


Jeffrey Hunter

Piano | Private Lessons

Nathan Hunter

Accordion, Piano | Private Lessons

Yvonne Huntley

Piano | Private Lessons

Steve Hutchins

Guitar, Blues Band Live! | Private Lessons

Cheryl Irwin

Piano | Private Lessons

Anna Jacobson

Fiddle, French Horn, Trumpet, Ensembles | Private Lessons

Evan Jacobson

Guitar, Kids Ensemble

Mehran Jalili

Flamenco Guitar, Dance Accompanist

Jackie Jasperson

Voice, Piano | Private Lessons

Oscar Jasso

Piano, Keyboard, Synth | Private Lessons

Tom Jefferson

Piano | Private Lessons

Maryanne Johnson

Piano, Wiggleworms Program

Vanda Kay

Ukulele, Piano, Electric Bass, Theory

Paul Kaye

Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin | Private Lessons

Nora Kerr

Kids Dance

Meghan Kessel

Piano, Voice | Private Lessons

Grant Kessler


Charles Kim

Bass, Composition, Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele (including Baritone), Mandolin | Private Lessons

Chris Kimmons

Bass (Electric & Upright), Clawhammer Banjo, Guitar | Private Lessons


Adult and Youth Dance: Modern, Jazz, Tap, Ballet

Liz Klassen


Katie Klocke

Fiddle, Violin, Piano | Private Lessons

Karolyn Kuehner

Piano | Private Lessons

Diana Laffey

Wiggleworms Program, Double Play for Preschoolers

Skip Landt

Harmonica, Autoharp

Marchello Lee

School Partnerships

Alicia Lees

Guitar, Wiggleworms

Steve Levitt

Guitar, Bass, Autoharp

Lexie Levy

Piano, Songwriting, Voice, Theory, Transcription | Private Lessons

Colby Maddox

Mandolin, Fiddle

Beatrice Makdah

Accordion | Private Lessons

Lenny Marsh

Drummers, Drum Kit | Private Lessons

Albert Martinez

Guitar. Ukulele. Harmonica.

Jessica Martino

Wiggleworms, Bonjour Wiggleworms Program, Kids’ Guitar, Guitar Together

Paula McKernan

Guitar, Voice

Reggio McLaughlin

Rhythm Tap Dance | Private Lessons

Dan McLean

Guitar | Private Lessons

John Mead


Michael Miles

Banjo, Guitar

Shelley Miller

Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Monika Miodragovic

Piano | Private Lessons

India Monae

Street Dance/Hip-Hop, Early Childhood, Jazz Dance

Elaine Moore

Guitar, Voice | Private Lessons

Randy Morris

Guitar | Private Lessons

Tim Mulvenna

Percussion, Drum Kit | Private Lessons

Shannon Mustard

Fiddle, Violin | Private Lessons

Rose Nadolsky

Wiggleworms Program

Shoji Naito

Guitar, Harmonica (Blues & Jazz), Ukulele | Private Lessons

Renee Nanzer

Double Play for Preschoolers, Piano, Voice | Private Lessons

Michael Nearpass

Jazz, Trumpet, Music Theory

Rob Newhouse

Wiggleworms Program

Sara Noori

Children’s Art Adult Art

Katie Norregaard

Wiggleworms Program

Shanta Nurullah

Electric Bass, Sitar, Piano, Storytelling | Private Lessons

Michael O’Toole

Guitar, Ukulele, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Theory, Improvisation | Private Lessons

Erika Ochoa

Middle Eastern Belly Dance

Billy Oh

Fiddle, Violin | Private Lessons

Wesley Owens

Hip-Hop, School Partnerships

Sarah Peace

Ukulele | Private Lessons

Mary Peterson

Theater, Guitar, Wiggleworms Program, School Partnerships | Private Lessons


Piano | Private Lessons

Susanna Pineda

Wiggleworms Program

Kristen Regester

Piano, Percussion | Private Lessons

Monternez Rezell

Street Dance/Hip-Hop, Breakdancing

Julianne Rice

Kids Dance, Adult Dance | Private Lessons

Steve Rosen

Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin

Jacob Rothermel

Cello | Private Lessons

Tom Ryan


Zoe Savage

Harmonica, School Partnerships | Private Lessons

Devin Shepherd

Fiddle | Private Lessons

Barbara Silverman

Dance, Guitar, Percussion (Non-Drum Kit), Voice, Body Rhythm

Bill Simmons

Guitar | Private Lessons

David Sims

Drum Kit, Big Drummers, Percussion | Private Lessons

Alton Smith

Piano | Private Lessons

Tom Sorich

Drum Kit | Private Lessons

Meghan Stagl

Voice, Piano | Private Lessons

Louie Stallone

Swing Dance, Ballroom for Barrooms, Cajun, Dance Basics for Couples

Thomas Winthrop Stevens

Piano | Private Lessons

Julia Storke

Piano, Voice, School Partnerships | Private Lessons

Joel Styzens

Drum Kit, Guitar, Percussion, Piano | Private Lessons

Jacob Sweet

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Maila Sylla

School Partnerships

Maya Tatiana

Flamenco Dance

Michael Taylor

Percussion, Djembe, School Partnerships

Aerin Tedesco

Songwriting, Harmony Singing

Harlan Terson

Bass Guitar, Guitar | Private Lessons

Rebecca Toon

Voice, Guitar | Private Lessons

Gail Tyler


Paul Tyler

Fiddle, Mandolin

Nicholas Ugo

Percussion, School Partnerships

Rick Veras


Jon Wall

Guitar, Ensembles, Bass | Private Lessons

Ryan Walter


Chris Walz

Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin | Private Lessons

Jordan Wankoff

Fiddle, Banjo

Andrew Wilkins

Piano | Private Lessons

Chris Winters

Guitar, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Miranda Winters


Tommi Zender

Guitar, Ensembles

Cheryl Ziemba

Irish Step Dance