Teachers at the Old Town School

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John Abbey

Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Guitar | Private Lessons

James Abud

Piano, Little Strummers, Wiggleworms

Sandra Adrian

Dance, Ballet

Patrik Ahlberg

Fiddle, Violin | Private Lessons

Anne-Marie Akin

Wiggleworms Program, Voice | Private Lessons

Saladeen Alamin

Dance, Latin Mambo

Lisa Antonio

Fiddle | Private Lessons

Luciano Antonio

Guitar | Private Lessons

Katherine Athanasiou

Voice, Kodály

Mike Austin

Percussion, Bodhran | Private Lessons

Zahra Baker


Manny Bances


Karen Banks-Lubicz

Wiggleworms Program

Louis Bardales

Guitar | Private Lessons

Tisa Batchelder

Wiggleworms, Lullabies, Meet the Instruments

Dona Benkert

Hammered Dulcimer, Appalachian Dulcimer, Autoharp, Bowed Psaltery, Mountain Dulcimer | Private Lessons

Brandi Berry

Fiddle, Violin | Private Lessons

Jenny Bienemann


Robin Bienemann

blues guitar workshop

Nathan Bojko

Piano, Drummers, Summer Camp | Private Lessons

Dave Bragman

Banjo, Guitar | Private Lessons

Bill Brickey

Guitar, Wiggleworms Program, Drummers, Voice for Guitarists | Private Lessons

Matt Brown

Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar | Private Lessons

Peggy Browning

Guitar, Banjo, Ensembles

Andrea Bunch

Guitar, Dance & Movement - Yoga

Greg Cahill

Banjo | Private Lessons

Brian Callan

Kids’ Piano

Sam Cantor

Piano, Wiggleworms, Education Outreach

Jack Cassidy

Jazz Ensembles

Mars Caulton

Wiggleworms, Little Drummers

Alison Chesley

Cello | Private Lessons

Liz Chidester

Ukulele, Wiggleworms, Voice, Piano,Guitar | Private Lessons

Idy Ciss

West African Dance

Lyn Cole

Early Childhood Dance & Movement, Children’s Dance, Mini Hip-Hop, Tap

Daniel Connolly


Greta Connor

Children’s Art

Marisa Cordeiro

Dance & Movement - Capoeira

Carlos Cornier

Drumming, Conga, Big Drummers

Dill Costa

Brazilian Dance

Mary Ann Covone

Accordion, Piano | Private Lessons

Kathy Cowan

Voice | Private Lessons

Laura Crotte


Nick Davio

Wiggleworms Program, Musical Theater, Young Voices, Exceptional Wiggleworms

Steve Dawson

Guitar, Songwriting | Private Lessons

Meg Dedolph

Wiggleworms Program

Sue Demel

Songwriting, Voice

Lisa Joy DeRosia

Wiggleworms Program, Guitar, Piano | Private Lessons

Harry Detry

West African Dance

Deanna Devore

Guitar, Songwriting | Private Lessons

Jim DeWan


Nathan Dillon

Guitars for Growth, Education Outreach

Tony do Rosario

Jazz Guitar | Private Lessons

Laura Doherty

Wiggleworms Program

Geoff Dolce

Violin, Fiddle, Guitar, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Andrew Doney

Piano, Voice | Private Lessons

Steve Doyle

Dobro, Guitar, Lap Steel | Private Lessons

Mike Drassler

Mandolin | Private Lessons

Mark Dvorak

Guitar, Banjo

Al Ehrich

Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Cello, Dance & Movement - Qi Gong | Private Lessons

Erin English

Children’s Art

John Erickson

Piano | Private Lessons

Jarod Facknitz

Wiggleworms Program, Guitar, Ensembles

Alex Farha

Guitar, Oud | Private Lessons

Raul Fernandez

Percussion, Cajón

Joe Filisko

Harmonica | Private Lessons

Ryan Fisher

Banjo, Guitar | Private Lessons

Erin Flynn

Wiggleworms and Kids’ Music Program Manager, Double Play for Preschoolers

Wendi Freeman

Drum Kit, Percussion | Private Lessons

Jonas Friddle

Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Ensembles, Band Coaching | Private Lessons

Dan Fulkerson

Guitar | Private Lessons

Alison Galey

Visual Art, Piano

Natalie Galey

Wiggleworms, Piano

Jeff Gandy


Heitor Garcia

Brazilian Percussion, Brazilian Drum Kit | Private Lessons

Bob Goins


John Goldman

Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Wind Instruments | Private Lessons

Jessica Goldsmith Andreadis

Dance & Movement - Yoga

Marshall Greenhouse

Drum Kit, Percussion | Private Lessons

Joshua Guy

West African Dance Accompanist Drummer

Laurie Hartung

Piano, Voice | Private Lessons

Julie Helenius

Wiggleworms Program

Donna Herula

Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Blues, Slide, Fingerstyle | Private Lessons

Gabriella Hirsch

Piano | Private Lessons

Bill Hohnke

Voice, Piano | Private Lessons

Ed Holstein

Guitar, Banjo

John Huber


Shannon Huneryager

Wiggleworms, Young Folk Theater

Jeffrey Hunter

Piano | Private Lessons

Steve Hutchins

Guitar, Blues Band Live! | Private Lessons

Cheryl Irwin

Piano | Private Lessons

Beth Iska

Children’s Art

Anna Jacobson

Fiddle, French Horn, Trumpet, Ensembles | Private Lessons

Anna M. Jacobson

Wiggleworms Program

Evan Jacobson

Guitar, Kids Ensemble

Mehran Jalili

Flamenco Guitar, Dance Accompanist

Oscar Jasso

Piano, Keyboard, Synth | Private Lessons

David Jennings

Jazz Ensemble

Elisabeth Johnson

Fiddle, Piano | Private Lessons

Maryanne Johnson

Piano, Wiggleworms Program

Tim Joyce

Theater, Improv

Carol Kagy

Voice | Private Lessons

Paul Kaye

Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin | Private Lessons

Nora Kerr

Irish Step Dance

Grant Kessler


Charles Kim

Bass, Composition, Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Chris Kimmons

Bass (Electric & Upright), Clawhammer Banjo, Guitar | Private Lessons

Liz Klassen


Gwen Klemenz

Piano, Keyboard, Synth, Voice | Private Lessons

Karolyn Kuehner

Piano | Private Lessons

Diana Laffey

Wiggleworms Program, Double Play for Preschoolers

Skip Landt

Harmonica, Autoharp

Steve Levitt

Guitar, Bass, Autoharp

Lexie Levy

Piano, Songwriting, Voice, Theory, Transcription | Private Lessons

Little Miss Ann

Wiggleworms Program

Linda Lubell


Colby Maddox

Mandolin, Fiddle

Ronnie Malley

Oud, Guitar, Hand Percussion

Lenny Marsh

Drummers, Drum Kit | Private Lessons

Jessica Martino

Wiggleworms, Bonjour Wiggleworms, Kids’ Guitar, Guitar Together

Boogie McClarin

Hip-Hop/Funk/House Dance

Jason McInnes

Guitar, Wiggleworms Program | Private Lessons

Jess McIntosh

Fiddle, Violin | Private Lessons

Paula McKernan

Guitar, Voice

Reggio McLaughlin

Rhythm Tap Dance

John Mead


Michael Miles

Banjo, Guitar

Shelley Miller

Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele, Wiggleworms Program | Private Lessons

Mark Mitchell

Fiddle | Private Lessons

Elaine Moore

Guitar, Voice | Private Lessons

Randy Morris

Guitar | Private Lessons

Corinne Mucha

Children’s Art, Adult Art

Tim Mulvenna

Percussion, Drum Kit | Private Lessons

Rose Nadolsky

Wiggleworms Program

Shoji Naito

Guitar, Harmonica (Blues & Jazz) | Private Lessons

Meg Nally

Little Drummers

Renee Nanzer

Hola Wiggleworms, Double Play for Preschoolers, Piano, Voice | Private Lessons

Rick Neuhaus

Percussion (Non-Drum Kit)

Rob Newhouse


Sara Noori

Children’s Art Adult Art | Private Lessons

Cathy Norden

Piano, Guitar | Private Lessons

Shanta Nurullah

Wiggleworms Program, Electric Bass, Sitar | Private Lessons

Michael O’Toole

Guitar, Ukulele, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Theory, Improvisation | Private Lessons

Erika Ochoa

Middle Eastern Belly Dance

Billy Oh

Fiddle, Violin | Private Lessons

Javier Orman

Fiddle, Violin, Viola | Private Lessons

Mary Peterson

Theater, Guitar, Wiggleworms Program | Private Lessons

Susanna Pineda

Wiggleworms Program

Mario Rabaza


Linda Robertson

Wiggleworms Program

Steve Rosen

Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin

Alisa Rosenthal

Wiggleworms, Theater

Rita Ruby

Voice | Private Lessons

Charles Rumback

Piano, Drum Kit, Percussion | Private Lessons

Tom Ryan


Zoe Savage

Harmonica | Private Lessons

Sara K. Schneider

Dance & Movement - Yoga

Kristen Seto

Violin, Fiddle

Devin Shepherd

Fiddle | Private Lessons

Teresa Shine

Fiddle | Private Lessons

Leah Shoshanah

Wiggleworms, Guitar, Kids’ Piano | Private Lessons


Kids Piano - Bilingual Spanish Speaker

Barbara Silverman

Dance, Guitar, Percussion (Non-Drum Kit), Voice, Body Rhythm

Bill Simmons

Guitar | Private Lessons

David Sims

Drum Kit, Big Drummers, Percussion | Private Lessons

Aaron Smith

Guitar, Bass

Alton Smith

Piano | Private Lessons

Bob Solone

Piano, Voice

Jon Spiegel

Guitar, Bass

Louie Stallone

Swing Dance, Ballroom for Barrooms, Cajun, Dance Basics for Couples

Tina Stasny

Go-Go Dance

Thomas Winthrop Stevens

Piano | Private Lessons

Julia Storke

Piano, Voice | Private Lessons

Joel Styzens

Drum Kit, Guitar, Percussion, Piano | Private Lessons

Jacob Sweet

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Cat Tager

Wiggleworms Program

Maya Tatiana

Flamenco Dance

Michael Taylor

Percussion, Djembe

Aerin Tedesco

Songwriting, Harmony Singing

Nancy Teinowitz

Youth Ballet & Pre-Pointe, Youth Jazz, Musical Theatre Dance, and Jazz Styles

Harlan Terson

Bass Guitar, Guitar | Private Lessons

Jimmy Tomasello

Guitar, Bass, MUSIC

Rebecca Toon

Voice, Guitar | Private Lessons

Jeff Trainor

Wiggleworms, Young Folk Theater

Gail Tyler


Paul Tyler

Fiddle, Mandolin

Jon Wall

Guitar, Ensembles, Bass | Private Lessons

Chris Walz

Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin | Private Lessons

Jordan Wankoff

Fiddle, Banjo

Sabra Weber

Kids’ Piano

Lindsay Weinberg

Wiggleworms Program, Voice, Piano, Guitar | Private Lessons

Shaun Whitley


Andrew Wilkins

Piano | Private Lessons

Chris Winters

Guitar, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Azita Youssefi

Piano, Voice | Private Lessons

Tommi Zender

Guitar, Ensembles

Cheryl Ziemba

Irish Step Dance