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Teachers at the Old Town School

Nichola Goss


Nichola Goss’s dance career started as a youngster with the Southwest Texas Dance Repertoire and Star Search, she continued until receiving a BFA with honors from the University of Texas at Austin. Nichola has dance professionally in Austin, Dallas, and Chicago. Evanston Arts grant recipient, syllabus writer and instructor for Evanston Community Foundation dance program, she has even choreographed for little ones in Ralph’s World. She holds a professional teacher’s certificate with the Cecchetti Council of America, an organization dedicated to maintaining the standards and method of classical ballet training established by Cavalier Enrico Cecchetti, and is currently the Midwest treasure. Nichola has been teaching dance in the NorthShore area since 1995 including Chicago Public Schools to the Joffrey.

A note from Nichola about her teaching philosophy:

Since childhood, dancing has been my release and joy in life. Teaching has been a passion fulfilled as I believe the body to be an instrument through which one is able to communicate. Facilitating the growth of others is truly rewarding. Watching a student conquer the movement with their personal artistry is inspiring.

My classroom experience is based on creating a physical, mental, and emotional atmosphere in which respect is expected. As the body is continually adapting to one’s social and mental environments, I strive to have a supportive dance space. I encourage dancers to challenge themselves, yet also provide support, as I feel it is important for one to also leave class with a feeling of accomplishment.

I am influenced by the Cecchetti Method, Graham, Cunningham, and release technique. I have spent years entertaining jazz, tap, and drama. I have been exposed to several forms of dance from Hawaiian, African, Israeli folk, and country line and see they all have posture elements that are important to performing. I believe a strong understanding of ballet is an important tool in succeeding in many forms as body alignment and spatial awareness transform all disciplines.

My goal is for the students to gain personal strength and a desire to share dance as artists with society. I instill in my students that by understanding their body in space, they will feel more empowered.

I have worked with a variety of populations and cherish the dance all have to offer. Each body is a vessel with its unique talents and limitations ultimately sharing performance art every day.

Started at the Old Town School in May of 2019