Effective August 16, 2021, proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test is required for attendees ages 12 and up for entry to all in-person events, concerts, and classes. View our Health and Safety page for full details.

Administrative Staff


  • Jim Newcomb, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

The Educational Program Folks

  • Kim Davis, Senior Director of Education - 773.751.3329
    • Wiggleworms, Kids Group Classes: Guitar, Percussion, Voice
  • Allison Grabarczyk, Program Coordinator - 773.751.3350
    • Dance and Movement
  • John Huber, Program Manager - 773.751.3373
    • Teen Programs, Adult Group Classes: Piano, String Band, Kids Group Classes: Fiddle, Piano
  • Krista Ortgiesen, Program Manager - 773.751.3327
    • Private Lessons, Adult Group Classes: Voice, Accordion, Cello, Dulcimer, Percussion, Ukulele

    The Community Ventures Folks

  • Raul Fernandez, Field Trip Coordinator - 773.751.3444
  • Arif Smith, Program Manager: Arts and Community Wellness - 773.751.3369
  • Kate Walsh, Program Manager: School Partnerships -773.751.3337

The Event Wranglers

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The Marketing Folks

Development & Membership Folks


Human Resources

Information Technology

Special Services

The Resource Center

  • Colby Maddox, Resource Center Manager - 773.751.3309
  • Raul Fernandez, Audio Archivist
  • Carolyn Horyn, Audio Archivist
  • Aaron Smith, Audio Archivist

Customer Service Team

The Music Store Folks


  • Sam Chabchoubi, Facilities Maintenance Manager - 773.751.3321
  • Teresa Avila
  • Darryl Madison
  • Etleva Rexhepi
  • Eddie Ramirez
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • Maria Rodriguez
  • Fernando Salazar
  • Judy Sandoval