Teachers at the Old Town School

Sue Demel

Songwriting, Voice

Techniques - Harmony, Improvisation, Performance

In private lessons with Sue, students will fine-hone their own unique style, write and/or sing honestly, and find that which is unique in each of us. i.e.: listening to that still small voice. Lessons are based each week on a question, dialogue, exercise, follow-up and a performance of chosen song that students want to work on.

Potential students should note that Sue does not teach classical/theory based voice lessons, she teaches more of a personal and writing technique by feel and by ear. Though Sue loves to teach students of every kind, beginning students may find it beneficial to take “traditional” voice lessons before studying with Sue.

“Sue Demel has one of the more unique voices in folk music today.” - Sing Out Magazine

Whether it’s scatting, chanting, weaving, or arranging, she explodes the preconceived notions of harmony singing. Sue is a seasoned back-up vocalist and her body of work as a songwriter achieves a rare peace between the boundaries of love and redemption. The eclectic and personalized style she brings to the Old Town School has been honed over the past 10 years as a personal vocal coach for recording artists, part of the song writing/singing teaching coop: LaLaLa, and improvisation workshop teacher at national folk festivals with her band Sons of the Never Wrong.

FYI: For the time being our busy Sue Demel teaches every other session. On her off-sessions she plans on doing various one-day songwriting and performance workshops here. Stay on Sue's radar by visiting her at www.suedemel.com

*Note: Sue does not teach classic vocal techniques. A beginning vocal student should sign up for a Vocal Techniques class or take lessons with a vocal technique instructor privately.

Started at the Old Town School in September of 2006

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