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Teachers at the Old Town School

Cassie Fox


Styles - Classical, Folk, Pop

Cassie’s philosophy is to teach piano and music theory to students so that they may best utilize music within their own education, therapy and enjoyment throughout the rest of their lives. Piano requires depth and knowledge of rhythm and note reading in 2 clefs (treble and bass) with 2 hands, and is a perfect foundation for learning music. Her classroom/studio is friendly, positive and relaxed with a strong encouragement to stay focused and disciplined when playing outside of the classroom/lessons.

Cassie's background is in music therapy and music education. She works as a teaching artist with a non-profit called Foundations of Music in in CPS schools who's mission is "music for every child." She also works as a music therapist in special education, social service and healthcare settings, as well as maintains a private piano studio. Cassie is an accomplished pianist, guitarist and vocalist and sang with Apollo Chorus of Chicago for 7 years.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Music/Communications (Voice)
Master’s Degree in Music Therapy
Board-Certified Music Therapist

Started at the Old Town School in May of 2011