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Teachers at the Old Town School

Erika Ochoa

Middle Eastern Belly Dance

Erika Ochoa is a contemporary artist of Middle Eastern dance, specializing in Egyptian-style dance. With over nineteen years of professional experience in the Chicago-land area, Erika has become known within the local dance community for her contributions and dedication to the art form. Her journey in dance has been marked by a deep commitment to continuous learning and artistic exploration.

Having trained with Egyptian as well as international dance masters, Erika has honed her craft under the guidance of some of the most respected figures in the field. Her dedication to her artistry has led her to become a sought-after performer, choreographer, and educator.

Erika's passion for Middle Eastern dance took her on a transformative journey to Egypt, where she immersed herself in the culture and traditions. Her experiences deeply influenced her understanding and interpretation of Egyptian-style dance.

In addition to her role as a dancer and choreographer, Erika is a passionate educator, sharing her skills and knowledge with students at Pineapple Dance Studio, her private studio in Forest Park, IL, and at The Old Town School of Folk Music, where she has been a dedicated instructor since July 2004. In her new capacity as the Dance Manager at The Old Town School, Erika brings her wealth of experience and leadership to oversee studio operations, curriculum development, and event planning, ensuring the continued success and growth of the dance program.

Started at the Old Town School in July of 2004