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Dante Swan

Guitar, Bass, Songwriting, Production

R&B, Neo-Soul, Mathrock, Rock, Metal, Prog , Prog-Metal, Fusion, Blues, Shoegaze, Rap, Electronic, Pop, Soul, Funk, Latin-influenced, Indie, Alternative, Gospel, Midwest Emo, Emo, Punk, Grunge, J-pop, K-pop, Jrock

Tapping , Thumping, Slap (guitar and bass), Chordal harmony, Soloing, Harmonics, Fingerstyle, Hybrid Picking, Selective Picking, Post Production of guitar and bass in DAW, High Proficiency in Modern Styles, Music Theory, turning basic melodies or chord progressions into more intricate, but melodic riffs/progressions, part-writing with multiple guitars, finding a place for guitar in songs that do not have them

Dante Swan is an aspiring artist and supporting musician for various local and underground artist throughout the Chicago area. His most acclaimed gig has been touring with the artist Dreamer Isioma who has over 150 million streams on Spotify alone with the gold record “Sensitive.” Dante has also recorded on two albums with Dreamer, and has toured several times (Including opening for Janelle Monae) with them, including internationally outside of the US. His most prized collaboration is on the album “Princess Forever” where he has a featured solo for half the song.

Dante Swan has had a passion for music since a child; writing songs as a 6 year old and singing whenever possible though he was raised in a neighborhood where music education wasn’t accessible and did not achieve it until learning in high-school at Whitney M Young. There he would further endorse his passion and practices for multiple hours a day.

Now Dante has accumulated over 20,000 hours in guitar playing and still strives to learn more techniques as well as having the intention to progress guitar playing as a whole for everyone.

He hopes to help others understand their passion for music as well as hone their abilities in many different genres, as his own love for music is boundless and genre-less. Perfect for anyone looking to be a well rounded player and/or want to learn to be versed in modern techniques and styles.

Started at the Old Town School in July of 2023