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Teachers at the Old Town School

Lexie Levy

Piano, Songwriting, Voice, Theory, Transcription

Styles - For Voice: Anything contemporary including most eras of Pop, Jazz, Alternative, Singer-Songwriter, Broadway, Motown, Traditional Country, and beyond.

Techniques - For Vocals: Healthy, Breath-Supported Singing; Style & Inflection; Intonation; Belting (if desired) For Piano: Beginner to Advanced -Intermediate Level Playing, Traditional Music Notation & Lead Sheet Notation (i.e. Chord Symbols), Light Improvisation, Right Hand/Left Hand Independence For Both: Self-Accompaniment (helping singers learn to play piano & helping pianists learn to sing, in tandem) For All Students: Play-By-Ear & Transcription Skills, Theory, Songwriting

Lexie agrees 100% with The Old Town School’s philosophy that encourages “give and take” of ideas between teacher and student. She likes fostering flexibility, being in the moment, and addressing inspiration in the classroom in whatever form it takes. No matter your level, music is for everyone. Any song from any genre can be made into a lesson.

Piano students of all ages can expect a well-rounded approach to learning their instrument in a way that is tailored to the student's personality and learning style. Sometimes we will follow a book, but often we won’t. There will be theory and technique elements to each lesson designed to enhance the student’s understanding of what they’re playing, but the focus will be on the joy of execution. A student’s willingness to learn to read music is immensely helpful but not an absolute requirement.

Voice students will practice a wide range of topics from the physical (healthy singing techniques) to the psychological (vocal inhibition issues) to the artistic (style; finding your own voice). Singers who are interested in taking their skill set a step further can learn how to get around a keyboard, understand key signatures, and write their own transcriptions.

Lexie’s musical compass is always pointing lessons toward this idea: What can she do to help her students feel empowered and equipped to make music confidently when they go off to college/when they’re 45-years old/ when they’re retired? For more advanced or ambitious students the query goes further: How can she challenge and inspire her students to get the most out of their instrument and their relationship to music in general? Her main goal in every lesson is to point the student toward a life-long love of self-propelled music appreciation.

Over the years, Lexie has performed as a wedding vocalist, a talent coordinator, Screen Actors Guild member, and jingle singer. A handful of notable events that she is proud of: Fish Middleton Jazz Scholarship (5th place); 2001 Chick Singer Night National Songwriter Contest (1st place); CSN Producer Project contest (top 5). Virtually all musical activity for the past decade has been in service of original music ensembles: Citrus, ULeLe, HardArt Groop, & Lexie Bloor Band, in particular. Favorite venues she’s appeared at include Martyr’s, Elbo Room, Schubas, and House of Blues mainstage. She’s proudly assisted no less than three students in writing, arranging, and performing their own songs at their own weddings!

Education: Millikin University, Decatur, IL [Musical Theatre, Dance, Contemporary Music]
DePaul University, Chicago, IL [Jazz Studies]
3 years studying with vocal coach Ed Farran

Started at the Old Town School in April of 2003