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Teachers at the Old Town School

David Kachalon


David Kachalon is a musician, songwriter, visual artist, and teacher who runs the Continuing Education Harmonica Program at both the College of Dupage and also at Harper College. In addition (since the beginning of the pandemic) he has been teaching at the online music school platform Tunelark. He has taught hundreds of players of all ages to successfully play music and have fun on the harmonica. Playing for over 20 years and teaching for around 12, David focuses primarily on the Filisko Tongue Block Method and the building of a solid foundation of techniques. He is fully authorized to use all Filisko Teaching Materials, and has led workshops around the country as well as taught at the SPAH convention for the past several years. Now in addition he helps as a Spah Seminar Coordinator. David is also the person behind the SPAH Instagram account Official_Spah63. He also helps as a Contributor and Content Facilitator for the SPAH magazine Harmonica Happenings. David starting out playing in bands during high school, and has played in such groups as Spanish Blues Band Azul De Noche, the multi tournament winning Jug band Strictly Jug Nuts, the Muscovy Ducks Cajun Harmonica Enable and the Three Kings Harp trio. He also has an acoustic duo project called Hal and Dave, but mainly spends his time fronting The Frozen Ground Blues Band. They play covers of Chicago blues standards, as well as some original songs around the Chicagoland area. David chooses to play exclusively with only the Hohner Marine Band Crossover and Thunderbird harmonicas.

Started at the Old Town School in July of 2008