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Teachers at the Old Town School

Libby Apley

Piano, Guitar

Piano: Classical, Guitar: Indie, Folk, Electric, Pedals

Libby Apley is a pianist and guitarist with a BS in music and visual art from Northwestern University. She is classically trained on the keyboard, and specializes in folk fingerpicking on the electric guitar. 
As a multigenre musician, Libby can tailor her curriculum to those looking to perform serious repertoire, or to play along with their favorite tunes. With both a classical background and singer-songwriter experience, she can introduce the basics of composition, scoring, and recording/production. She offers lessons that are technical and structured, informal and easygoing, or any combination of the above.
Libby’s aim is to teach students to play the music they love, and to help them reach their own personal goals as musicians.

Started at the Old Town School in October of 2022