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Gloria Leung

Wiggleworms, Lullabies, and Meet the Instruments

Gloria’s musical journey began in Hong Kong where she grew up playing alto recorder in orchestras, leading church worship with a guitar, drumming in an African djembe  group, and singing in school choirs and musicals.  When she came to the US as an adult, she heard for the first time the twang of a dobro, the tinkling of a mariachi guitar, and the soulful harmonies of a Gospel choir and fell in love with North American folk music.  She is now trying to master the banjo and hopes to play with a bluegrass band some day. 

Gloria has made music with babies and teenagers alike.  When working as a middle/high school teacher, she led multiple summer school and after school enrichment programs including a choir, an a cappella club, musical theater, and drama.  Since becoming a stay-at-home mom in recent years, her musical interactions have looked more like silly rhymes to get her kids through daily routines, soft guitar music to soothe her kids to sleep, and Wiggleworms-esque living room dance parties to keep the family active during the pandemic lockdown.  In all her work with children, her goal is always to create community and bring out the best in kids through music.  
Gloria began working at the Old Town School of Folk Music in October 2022.  She is both thrilled and humbled to be teaching and jamming with the school’s amazingly talented faculty and can’t wait to share songs from many different cultures and languages with her students.
Get in touch with Gloria at gloria.leung@oldtownschool.org

Education: Bachelor of Arts in English from Georgetown University; Master of Science in Education from Northwestern University

Started at the Old Town School in October of 2022