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Teachers at the Old Town School

Steve Levitt

Guitar, Bass, Autoharp

Various techniques including fingerstyle and flat-picking, open tunings, songwriting, and theory

Recipient of the Old Town School of Folk Music's 2014 Distinguished Teaching Artist Award

Steve began his commitment to the School as a young guitar student in the mid ‘60s. He remains a living link to both our original location on North Avene and the early days of 909 West Armitage. He creates enchanting music on any instrument that he picks up: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Banjo, Mandolin, Drums, Autoharp, etc. During the ‘70s Steve represented the School in a local supergroup called Ravenswood. Returning to our community in the early ‘90s to teach, Steve has offered his boundless passion and skills to more than 1800 classes and tens of thousands of students of all ages. Steve was behind the Guinness record “World’s Largest Music Lesson.”  He raises the level of play in any musical situation where he is present. Steve's catalog of class offerings over the years is unmatched!

Education: Kent State University,
Webster College,
University of Illinois

Started at the Old Town School in March of 1993