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Teachers at the Old Town School

Carlos Chacon


Carlos has taken guitar lessons at the Old Town School of Folk Music since the early '90s. He has taken lessons with Steve Levitt, Jimmy Tomasello, Eric Lugosh, Josh Frankel, Michael Miles, Chris Walz, Roberto Arce, and Steve Doyle among others.

Education: BA Marketing and Management, University of Illinois Chicago

Started at the Old Town School in January of 2000

Group Classes for the session beginning 02/28/2022

Guitar 2 Repertoire with Carlos Chacon

If you are self taught or have completed Guitar 2, this is the level to repeat as much as you want to build up your songbag. We strongly urge guitar students at this level and above to supplement their studies by taking Guitar Fingerboard Theory. You should know chords A, C, D, E, G, Am, Dm, Em, A7, B7, D7, E7. This class will teach you songs with these and new chords. Students can plan to leave Guitar 2 rep with the following skills: F chord Dm Bm (simple) Bass runs in keys A C D E G Arpeggios in 4/4 3/4 6/8 Simple Scale knowledge Slash chords and bass notes on Strings E A D A developing friendship with the capo The desire to keep playing

$214 ($194 members)

03/06/2022 – 04/24/2022 (8 meetings)

Sundays · 12:00 PM – 1:20 PM · Online