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Teachers at the Old Town School

Sophie Creutz


Sophie Creutz started at the Old Town School in June of 2013 by playing as a ringer in the New Orleans and Klezmer Ensembles — the good stuff!   Since then she has played with blues bands, written songs, picked up bluegrass, taught guitar and piano, and explored all corners of the school and community on woodwinds and on string instruments.  

Sophie performs regularly in the Chicago music scene, as a member of the Chicago Federation of Musicians in pit orchestras and shows, with Broadway in Chicago, with local soul/funk/rock and roll band Cadillac Groove, and other various projects around town.  

Although she has a conservatory background and classical training, Sophie prefers to dig into her roots at the Old Town School as a long time lover of folk, world, funk, and soul music.  

Started at the Old Town School in June of 2013