Teachers at the Old Town School

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John Abbey

Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Guitar | Private Lessons

Patrik Ahlberg

Violin, Fiddle, Guitar | Private Lessons

Luciano Antonio

Guitar | Private Lessons

Louis Bardales

Guitar | Private Lessons

Bill Brickey

Guitar, Wiggleworms Program, Drummers, Voice for Guitarists | Private Lessons

Peggy Browning

Guitar, Banjo, Ensembles

Andrea Bunch

Guitar, Dance & Movement - Yoga, School Partnerships | Private Lessons

Sam Cantor

Kids Guitar, Wiggleworms, Kids Group Piano, Advanced Kids Ensemble, School Partnerships | Private Lessons

Liz Chidester

Ukulele, Wiggleworms Program, Voice, Piano, Guitar, School Partnerships | Private Lessons

Chris Corsale

Guitar | Private Lessons

Steve Dawson

Guitar, Songwriting | Private Lessons

Lisa Joy DeRosia

Wiggleworms Program, Guitar, Piano, Voice | Private Lessons

Deanna Devore

Guitar, Songwriting | Private Lessons

Jim DeWan


Nathan Dillon

Guitars for Growth, School Partnerships

Tony Do Rosario

Jazz Guitar | Private Lessons

Steve Doyle

Dobro, Guitar, Lap Steel | Private Lessons

Mark Dvorak

Guitar, Banjo

Al Ehrich

Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Cello, Dance & Movement - Qi Gong | Private Lessons

Ryan Fisher

Banjo, Guitar | Private Lessons

Jonas Friddle

Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Ensembles, Band Coaching, School Partnerships | Private Lessons

Dan Fulkerson

Guitar | Private Lessons

Pedro Garcia

Guitar | Private Lessons

Kelsey Georgesen

Piano, Guitar, Bass | Private Lessons

Bob Goins


Donna Herula

Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Blues, Slide, Fingerstyle | Private Lessons

Ed Holstein

Guitar, Banjo

John Huber


Steve Hutchins

Guitar, Blues Band Live! | Private Lessons

Evan Jacobson

Guitar, Kids Ensemble

Mehran Jalili

Flamenco Guitar, Dance Accompanist

Paul Kaye

Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin | Private Lessons

Charles Kim

Bass, Composition, Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele (including Baritone), Mandolin | Private Lessons

Chris Kimmons

Bass (Electric & Upright), Clawhammer Banjo, Guitar | Private Lessons

Steve Levitt

Guitar, Bass, Autoharp

Albert Martinez

Guitar. Ukulele. Harmonica.

Jessica Martino

Wiggleworms, Bonjour Wiggleworms Program, Kids’ Guitar, Guitar Together

Paula McKernan

Guitar, Voice

John Mead


Michael Miles

Banjo, Guitar

Shelley Miller

Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Elaine Moore

Guitar, Voice | Private Lessons

Randy Morris

Guitar | Private Lessons

Shoji Naito

Guitar, Harmonica (Blues & Jazz), Ukulele | Private Lessons

Catherine Norden

Piano, Guitar, Theatre, Music Theory | Private Lessons

Michael O’Toole

Guitar, Ukulele, Fiddle, Banjo, Mandolin, Theory, Improvisation | Private Lessons

Mary Peterson

Theater, Guitar, Wiggleworms Program, School Partnerships | Private Lessons

Camilo Rincon

Wiggleworms Program, Mexican Ensemble, Guitar | Private Lessons

Alisa Rosenthal

School Partnerships - Global Voices, Story Songs, Ukulele, Beatboxing, History of Rock and Roll, Women in Rock, Music Video, Mime In house subbing - Wiggleworms, Adult Ukulele, Kids' Ukulele, Little Strummers, Kids' Guitar

Tom Ryan


Barbara Silverman

Dance, Guitar, Percussion (Non-Drum Kit), Voice, Body Rhythm

Bill Simmons

Guitar | Private Lessons

Aaron Smith

Guitar, Bass

Joel Styzens

Drum Kit, Guitar, Percussion, Piano | Private Lessons

Jacob Sweet

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Harlan Terson

Bass Guitar, Guitar | Private Lessons

Jimmy Tomasello

Guitar, Bass

Rebecca Toon

Voice, Guitar | Private Lessons

Jon Wall

Guitar, Ensembles, Bass | Private Lessons

Chris Walz

Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin | Private Lessons

Chris Winters

Guitar, Ukulele | Private Lessons

Tommi Zender

Guitar, Ensembles