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Friday, May 12, 2017  ♦  8:30 PM

Breizh Amerika Collective

Global Dance Party

4545 N Lincoln Ave · The Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall · 773.728.6000

  • Global Dance Party

    The Global Dance Party series offers an exciting opportunity to experiment with dance styles from around the globe. Each evening will feature a dance class followed by two hours of music from live bands or DJs in our Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall.

  • Breizh Amerika Collective

    The Breizh Amerika Collective initiative brings together innovative musicians from Brittany, France and the United States of America to collaboratively work to create and produce original music, bring awareness to endangered traditions, while developing durable Transatlantic links of cooperation and understanding.

    Alex Asher

    Known for his Grammy-award winning work with Beyoncé Knowles as well as playing in umerous Brooklyn bands, trombonist/composer Alex Asher is quickly making a name for himself in New York City's music scene.

    Alex leads People's Champs, a seven-piece ensemble mixing experimental rock with West African and Latin beats. People's Champs have performed all over NYC both at underground parties in Brooklyn as well as at The MoMA and The Guggenheim.

    Alex also performs regularly with John Brown's Body (Reggae), Super Hi Fi (Dub Rock), Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra (Indie Rock/Salsa), M.A.K.U. Soundsystem (Experimental Afro-Colombian Roots), Orquesta Dee Jay (Classic Salsa), Glaz Road (Breton Folk/Jazz), Meta and the Cornerstones (African Reggae), Slavic Soul Party! (Balkan Brass), and many others.

    Simon Creachcadec

    Simon Creachcadec is one of the most innovative musicians of his generation. His many talents, a multi-instrumentalist on saxophone, clarinet and bombarde, singer and experienced dancer, make him a complete performer in addition to being Breton tradition expert.

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