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Double Play for Preschoolers

In this drop-off program for the creative learner, children delight in artful adventures. They wonder. They create. Each day includes two unique classes that incorporate theater, dance, music, and/or art, and large group circle times for singing games and storytelling. Kids explore the magic of Old Town School while their grownups have 2 1/2 hours free to enjoy their own lesson, class, or daily routine.

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Project Approach, Double Play is collaborative, imaginative, and joyful learning. Through the arts, young children develop social, language, physical, and cognitive skills. Double Players make new friends, connect to the spirit of Old Town School, and build a little community of cooperative young artists. Children learn to work together while finding their voice and making their own creative choices!

On the last day of each session, we invite families to come celebrate our brave discoveries!

Curriculum developed by early childhood development specialist, Erin Flynn, Masters in Early Childhood Education

“Our children really take in the experience. They come home and talk about concepts and sing songs. We feel lucky to live close to such a wonderful arts and music school.”-Double Play Parent

Afternoon Schedule:
12:15-12:45 Welcome Circle: Singing Games, Stories, Theme Exploration
12:45-12:50 Bathroom & Water Break
12:50-1:30 First Class
1:30-1:35 Bathroom & Water Break
1:35-1:50 Story Circle: Books, Writing, & Drawing
1:50-2:30 Second Class
2:30-2:45 Closing Circle

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