Teen Open Mic

An Open Mic Just for Teens, Ages 13 - 19

How to sign up for Teen Open Mic:

Are you a Solo Performer? Or are you a group of two aka a Duo? Then you need to show up in person between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM sharp to sign up with the Teen Open Mic staff! And don’t be late, as we sometimes run out of performance slots (we really hate to turn people away)!

Are you in a band? Please fill out our TOM Band Sign-up form below to apply for a performance slot. Deadline to apply is one week prior to each show (see below for dates). We will reply to confirm that you have a performance slot within 2 days.

What to expect: A supportive and fun atmosphere to celebrate everyone’s contributions and to welcome new performers.

Who can participate? Pretty much everyone: emerging singer songwriters, solo electric guitarists, vocalists of all kinds, spoken word artists, rappers, acoustic groups, Irish fiddlers, jazz bands, and full-fledged rock bands!

Acoustic or electric? We love it all! Play what you are passionate about playing.

Many of our Teen Rock Ensembles regularly play this show. You will also hear performances by students who study with our wonderful Private Lessons faculty! Find out more about our Classes for Teens.

Upcoming show dates:


Saturday · September 08 · 6:00 PM · Armitage Hall

Teen Open Mic


Saturday · October 06 · 6:00 PM · Armitage Hall

Teen Open Mic


Saturday · November 03 · 6:00 PM · Armitage Hall

Teen Open Mic


Saturday · December 01 · 6:00 PM · Armitage Hall

Teen Open Mic