Youth Voice Program

Sing When Your Spirit Says Sing

Young folks sing and learn in a joyful music making environment! Children explore meaningful, simple melodies of folk music traditions from around the world. Our approach values singing, active music making, and musical discovery as children build an extraordinary foundation for musical literacy and further musical study in vocal or instrumental music. Through engaging singing games and music making, young voices train their ears and voices as they begin their path to fine musicianship. Learning to sing in tune and learning musical concepts through singing establishes deep musical understanding and confidence in a budding musician. With our teaching artists serving as exceptional vocal models, our Young Voices students learn solfege (do-re-mi…), melody, part singing, and harmony as they progress through the program. Classes are divided by age and unless otherwise noted, open to all.

For kids who love to sing, but may not be ready for private lessons, our Young Voices class is a great way to introduce 4-10 year-olds to healthy, relaxed singing!

Young Voices: 3 & 4 years

Open to All

Wednesday with Katherine Athanasiou

45 minutes  ·  Once a week for 8 weeks  ·  $156 ($146 members)

Laying the foundation for proud and happy musicians!

Young Voices: 10, 11 & 12 years

Open to All

Tuesday with Nick Davio

45 minutes  ·  Once a week for 8 weeks  ·  $168 ($158 members)

Young Voices: 4, 5 & 6 years


Tuesday with Erin Flynn

45 minutes  ·  Once a week for 8 weeks  ·  $156 ($146 members)

Young Voices: 6, 7 & 8 years


Tuesday or Wednesday with Lindsay Weinberg

45 minutes  ·  Once a week for 8 weeks  ·  $168 ($158 members)

If you want to sing out, sing out!

Young Voices: 8, 9 & 10 years


Wednesday with Lindsay Weinberg

45 minutes  ·  Once a week for 8 weeks  ·  $168 ($158 members)

If you want to sing out, sing out!

Private Lesson Options

Our private lessons like our group classes run in 8-week sessions, however, you can begin private lessons during any week in the session. Please call our customer service folks at 773.728.6000 to register as private lesson availability is based upon individual teacher schedules.

Lessons are scheduled weekly, for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, and are available every day of the week at our Lincoln Square and Lincoln Park locations. Our experienced and professional faculty will work with you to develop an individualized program that helps you achieve your musical goals.

Stop in at either location or call the front desk at 773.728.6000 to register.

8-week Session Prices

$288 for 30 minutes ($278 for members)

$416 for 45 minutes ($401 for members)

$536 for 60 minutes ($516 for members)

Session & Registration Dates

8-week lessons: 01/07/2019 – 03/03/2019

Monday 11/19/18: Re-registration for current students begins

Monday 12/03/18: Transfer registration

Wednesday 12/05/18: Open registration

8-week lessons: 03/04/2019 – 04/28/2019

Monday 01/28/19: Re-registration for current students begins

Monday 02/11/19: Transfer registration

Wednesday 02/13/19: Open registration


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Anne-Marie Akin »
Wiggleworms Program, Voice

Bill Brickey »
Guitar, Wiggleworms Program, Drummers, Voice for Guitarists

Liz Chidester »
Ukulele, Wiggleworms, Voice, Piano

Kathy Cowan »

Andrew Doney »
Piano, Voice

Laurie Hartung »
Piano, Voice

Bill Hohnke »
Voice, Piano

Carol Kagy »

Gwen Klemenz »
Piano, Keyboard, Synth, Voice

Lexie Levy »
Piano, Songwriting, Voice, Theory, Transcription

Elaine Moore »
Guitar, Voice

Renee Nanzer »
Hola Wiggleworms, Double Play for Preschoolers, Piano, Voice

Rita Ruby »

Julia Storke »
Piano, Voice

Jacob Sweet »
Bass Guitar, Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele

Rebecca Toon »
Voice, Guitar

Lindsay Weinberg »
Wiggleworms Program, Voice, Piano, Guitar

Azita Youssefi »
Piano, Voice