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Kids Art Classes

Let's make art!

At the Old Town School, our children's art classes focus on both the joyful process of art making and the incredible experience of having created something new. All of our art classes are ideal for both beginners and experienced artists, and our art teachers establish an encouraging, dynamic, and creative atmosphere in which students feel comfortable achieving all of the artistic goals that they set for themselves.

For parents and children, our extremely popular Scribble classes introduce very young kids to the wonders of visual arts. As children get older and more independent, they can move on to more advanced classes like Painting Studio and Comics.

Many of our classes use a literature-based curriculum, so we can explore language and stories while making art. Every class period is an entirely different experience; each of our art teachers develops their own curriculum based on the goals of the program, so your child can have a unique experience every time they take an art class. Additionally, every class changes from session to session, so your child can even take the same class multiple times, and s/he will always experience something new.

Join in on the visual art experience at the Old Town School, and let your creativity flow!

Family Pride Art Workshop

WorkshopOpen to All

Sunday with Erin English

60 minutes  ·  Once a week for 1 week  ·  $25 ($20 members)

Location: Lincoln Square - Lincoln Ave Campus