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Young Folk Theater

The thrill of performing, the importance of working in an ensemble.

Let's play theater games! In these fun and imaginative drop off classes, young folks are given a space to explore, tell stories, sing songs, become animals, and create characters while playing turn-taking and sharing games that emphasize teamwork. For young children, storytelling and imaginative play is their way of constructing an understanding of the world. For older kids, the Youth Musical Theater Ensemble teaches more performance techniques and continues to build confidence in singing, moving, improvising, and creating on stage! Young Folk Theater at Old Town School nurtures a child's creative expression, confidence, and voice in the big world.

True to folk, true to oral traditions of sharing games and stories, true to Chicago, Old Town School theater is visual, musical, big, brave, and beautiful.

As with all children's classes at Old Town School, there are no auditions, and everyone is welcome to participate in a non-competitive ensemble environment.