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Modern Dance: Beginning

This studio based movement class is geared toward beginner dancers with little or no experience with formal dance training. The class will focus on building the fundamentals of physical awareness using methods and techniques developed by American Modern Dance masters from Martha Graham to Bill T. Jones. Students will also be introduced to movement improvisation and the fundamentals of dance composition as it is practiced by Modern Dance artists.

General Class format:
Set warm-up incorporating full body movements, specific articulations and simple stretches
Phrases with a focus on building students’ knowledge of modern dance’s movement vocabulary
Improvisation/compositional exercises that draw on students’ individual creative process
Learning and perfecting set choreographic phrases

Class Objectives:
Develop the student’s general physical coordination
Cultivate student’s ability to learn, execute, and remember set choreography
Introduce students to the artistic, expressive, and creative possibilities of movement

Class Schedules and Availability