The Magic of the Nutcracker Dance Workshop

This is the time of year when many of us are excitedly getting ready to perform or go see a performance of our favorite annual Nutcracker production. While those things may not be in the cards this year, despair not! You can still get your Nutcracker on with us through this wonderful two day workshop! In our Magic of the Nutcracker workshop students will be learning level-appropriate variations directly from the show!

These classes will be two hours in length over two consecutive Saturdays and are open to dancers of all skill levels. The first day will be an introduction to the story of the show, “casting” for the various parts (everyone will have something wonderful to do), and learning of choreography. Music will be provided in digital format so that students may practice during the week! The second class will then consist of learning any unfinished dances, a little clean up, and then a “showcase” that we will stream to “audience” members via Zoom for any loved ones who would like to see their dancer’s hard work! Costume pieces may be discussed at the time of the workshop to add to the magic but will be completely optional. Please join us for a little festive dance fun to get into the spirit of the season!

Class Schedules and Availability