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Contemporary Dance

This is a studio based movement class geared toward dancers with some (or extensive) dance experience. The class will focus on specific technical components of Contemporary concert dance forms. Classes may focus on one or several of the following elements:
• Clear articulation of torso, joints, and limbs
• Attention to shifting body alignment
• Jumps, turns, and floor work
• Musicality
• Complex dynamic situations
• Issues in performance
• Improvisation

General Class Format:
• Set warm-up incorporating full-body movement, fine articulation, and stretching
• Movement phrases and exercises with a focus on building strength, flexibility, alignment, and balance
• Movement phrases and exercises designed to build the student’s movement vocabulary and challenge them physically
• Set choreographic phrases

Class Objectives:
• Perfect and expand student’s current movement knowledge as it relates to Contemporary concert dance forms
• Refine student’s technical abilities in relation to strength, flexibility, balance, articulation, rhythm, and alignment.
• Introduce students to performance elements such as focus, breath and dynamics
• Cultivate student’s ability to learn, execute, and remember set choreography

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