Kids' Creative Movement Classes

Let's dance!

Creative movement classes at the Old Town School allow your child to explore rhythm, space, and movement concepts in a fun and engaging way without the pressure of performance. In these classes, children will learn fundamental dance steps and terminology, and use movement games and activities to learn combinations and encourage creativity. As your child progresses through the program, more challenging steps and combinations are introduced along with some dance history. These classes conclude each session with a celebratory dance party for dancers and their families.



Sunday with Allison Grabarczyk

45 minutes  ·  Once a week for 16 weeks  ·  $312 ($292 members)

Wiggle, jump, roll, and play with your child as we explore movement together!

Move & Groove


Sunday with Monica Thomas

45 minutes  ·  Once a week for 8 weeks  ·  $156 ($146 members)

Explore rhythm, space, and movement through improvisational games and dance routines! This is a great class for active boys and girls!