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Irish Dance Ceili Workshop for Intermediate/Advanced dancers

Come learn an 8-hand group dance (ceili). This is a soft shoe dance that will either be a jig or a reel, and it will involve using your arms and dancing with other people in formation. The entire dance is 2-3 minutes. Be prepared for a cardio workout.

Prerequisites: You should be experienced in dancing the promenade (1-2-3s), glides, jump backs, and sevens with ease. Once we add arm movements and choreography, you’ll need to focus more on the formations and less on your legs/feet.

This class will be limited to the first 8 people that sign up, with the opportunity to waitlist anyone else. If the waitlist reaches 8 more people, we’ll be able to do 2 ceilis (16 total people).

Class Schedules and Availability