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Retro Bollywood with Radia Ali

This dance workshop is centered around music and movement featured in classic Indian Bollywood movies. The golden era of Bollywood cinema produced some timeless dance and artistry- and I’d love the opportunity to introduce this in my workshop. The movements will be very deliberate and tell the story of the protagonist, a historical character or just human experience. The focus will be on expressions, gestures and storytelling. I will provide the storyline and characters, and allow the students to go on a journey into a past era of kings, queens and star-crossed lovers. The songs will be popular and well-loved
tunes from Bollywood movies of the 60’s & 70’s.

The movement style is a blend of classical Indian dance such as Kathak, and also historically researched styles of the Mughal- era Indian palace dancers. Don’t worry about learning anything too difficult- this class focuses more on the gestures and expressions, so as long as you bring your energy & enthusiasm we are going to dance up a storm!

About the Instructor:
Radia Ali, also known as Noori, is a multi- disciplinary perfoming artist, poet and fire dancer. She performs an array of styles from South Asian classical & folk, belly dance, flamenco, samba to bachata, salsa, and burlesque. She uses props such as silk veils, Fire fans and swords to tell stories across cultures with her movements.

Growing up in different countries, Radia was able to experience dance, music and cultural practices both in Asia and Europe. She uses these experiences to create fusion choreography and movement experiences.

Radia is currently an organizer at the Chicago Full Moon Jam, performs with with Egyptian trance indie artist NAXÖ, and other live music acts. She teaches fire performance, as well as fusion movement classes.

Radia’s mission is to create a space of learning and appreciation for authentic expression of one's culture. She explores history through music and dance, and her acts are interwoven with voices from the past. She is passionate about helping people of color find healing through decolonization of their bodies and beliefs.

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