Intermediate Tango Dance Workshop with Carla and Julio of Tango Lovers

Join us for a special workshop co-presented by Tango Lovers and the Old Town School of Folk Music. World class dance couple Carla and Julio of Argentina will begin with an overview of the origins of tango and its most renowned composers and songs. They will then teach tango concepts and practice such as; musicality, projection, open and close embrace, "start to turn", the “Sacadas”, pivoting, and dissociation. This workshop is for couples and individuals alike.

Carla & Julio
Carla and Julio are young, professional tango dancers from Argentina and have been cast members of Tango Lovers Company since 2015. They have toured with the company in South America, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Despite their youth, they have a vast international career. Additional to their studies of dance, ballet, jazz, acrobatics, folklore, tango and contemporary dance, they specialized in Salon Tango and Stage Tango with renowned dancers and choreographers. In 2019 they participated in the tribute to Karl Lagerfeld in Paris, and in 2018 they were finalists of America Got Talent mesmerizing all jury members. When their busy schedules allow it, they teach tango in Europe and in their native Argentina as well as online. Carla started her career in musical theater with an emphasis on dance, ballet, jazz, folklore, tango, and contemporary dance. Julio started with gymnastics at the age of 12. At 17, he turned his interest into salsa and later studied and specialized in folklore, malambo, and contemporary dance. He specialized in tango and trained in acrobatic tango with renowned teachers in Buenos Aires. They have been partners since 2010 and made it to the finals of the 2019 World Tango Dance Championship.

Tango Lovers
Tango Lovers has achieved levels of excellence during the past few years through its dedication to innovation. Tango Lovers’ performance has been praised as one of the most dynamic, elegant, and exciting shows and has earned the company many awards along the way. Their vision is to unite cultures and generations through the art of Tango, one of the most sensuous genres of the world.

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