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Nels Cline: The Sonic Aspects of Color, Texture & Taste As They Relate to Songs & Improvisation

This interactive workshop experience will allow students to engage directly with Nels by asking questions and getting musical feedback.

Wilco guitarist Nels Cline focuses on his experiences and ideas relating to the use of tones, tunings, and effects pedals and how they can heighten the experience of both player and listener. Drawing upon his decades of diverse endeavors, exploration, and polymath sensibility, Cline will offer insight and advice about how a sound, from the simplest and most direct to the most arcane and elaborately achieved, can take a song or a spontaneous moment of improvisation to striking, memorable places. While some degree of music theory/analysis will enter into his discussions, the informative exchange can be enjoyed by a musician at any level of achievement/experience who is fascinated by the possibilities and impact of unique sonic signatures and how we perceive and react to them.

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