For Womxn, By Womxn: Self-Defense Workshop

For Womxn, By Womxn (4WBW) creates an environment where womxn develop their physical and mental strength to prepare for obstacles that prevent them from owning their world. Offering a 3-tiered approach to self-defense, 4WBW incorporates: low-impact circuit training to build physical strength and improve mind-body connection, assertiveness skills to master boundary setting, and fundamental tactics to recognize predators and escape dangerous situations.

A New Way, Led by Womxn: The basic self-defense training womxn receive is often inadequate and outdated. 4WBW is looking to change what, and how, we teach each other to ensure no measure of confidence is overlooked or untapped. It is our responsibility to arm ourselves with information, physical preparation and self-defense strategies to protect our basic human right to live. We recognize that too many womxn experience threats to their safety at some point in their lives, and predatory attacks transcend age, gender, race & culture.

● Incorporating Strength-Training: Learning the fundamentals of self-defense is important, and being physically able to complete the movements is paramount. Strength-training not only improves your body’s ability to move about in the world, it improves one’s mind-body connection which directly sharpens one’s awareness and intuition throughout the day. Stronger bodies mean faster reflexes, and when time is of the essence you want your muscles to respond efficiently.

● Practicing Assertiveness Skills & Setting Boundaries: Early in the class, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor introduces effective communication styles and the importance of assertiveness techniques. Acknowledging womxn face threats from intimate partners and acquaintances, this discussion emphasizes: boundary setting, self-respect and the monitoring of relationship dynamics.

● Providing Support: We acknowledge and welcome the potential presence of survivors in the room and recognize that aspects of the workshop may be challenging and sensitive by nature. Support is provided throughout the workshop to anyone, as needed, by a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

This female-lead program was specifically designed to provide a safe, non-judgmental space, and affirm that the lives of womxn are worthy and deserving of respect. In our current political climate, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and become complacent; but, we owe it to our bodies, our minds and our unique and fierce selves to get stronger. Many programs neglect the individual experiences womxn have gone through prior to entering a self-defense class, as well as their mental and physical condition. Instructors meet participants where they are and allow them to embrace their past experiences, while simultaneously beginning to let them go. Together we can triumph over those who would threaten our autonomy, and make sure they remember time is up.

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