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Folk Dances of the Arab World

Karim Nagi, folk-dancer & musician, presents a 3 hour intensive workshop on Folk Dances from around the Arab world. These will include Southern Egyptian "Saidi" stick dance, Near Eastern "Dabke" line dance, Sufi "Moulid" swaying dance, plus Moroccan "Shaabi", and Arabian Peninsula "Khaliji" dance. Each genre will include demonstrations & explanations of rhythm, footwork, symbolism, history, and demeanor.

Karim Nagi, a native Egyptian, has taught Arab music and dance on 6 continents. He has authored 14 CDs and DVDs and regularly teaches classes for professionals, as well as general public and children. He also has lectured on Arab Arts and Diversity at universities including Stanford and Brown. His goal is to share Arab culture with Western audiences, while still keeping the authenticity and traditional spirit.

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