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Relaxing Into Performance - An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Do you get tense when you perform? You aren't alone.

Tension is an issue for most of us when we step in front of an audience for a variety of reasons - we get nervous because we don't believe we are good enough; we want to make sure everyone enjoys what we do; we don't know what to do with our body. Often we are trying harder than we need to. If we can just relax and let go, we can get back to enjoying the connection and generosity that's the reason why we perform in the first place. 

The Alexander Technique is a set of body based-skills that can help you to let go of unnecessary tension that comes up in your body while making music. In addition to helping you to handle performance stress it can help you improve your breathing, posture, tone, and technical ability by helping you towards greater mastery of how your body while singing or playing. It has been used by musicians as diverse as Sir Paul McCartney, Julie Andrews, Barbara Bonney, and Joni Mitchell. In this introductory workshop, taught by AmSAT certified teacher Jeremy Cohn, you will learn simple strategies and exercises that will help you to relax into performance and forge a better relationship between your body and your musicianship. Besides group exploration, this workshop will feature the ‘hands-on’ bodywork which is the hallmark of the Alexander Technique. Bring your sense of play and curiosity, and don’t miss the opportunity to experience this work usually available only on the conservatory level!

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