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Little Fiddlers: 2½ - 3½ years

This class is for those children who just can’t wait to turn 3 1/2 to be in Fiddlers. Little Fiddlers do not actually use fiddles, instead we use Foam-a-lins, small foam fiddle replicas with a wooden bow. Students learn to sing the same songs they will be playing in Fiddlers, and they get a head start on proper position through hand-eye coordination exercises. Students will also benefit from socialization, especially for those who have not been to preschool or day care.

When students are ready, they can move to using violins and join a Fiddlers class.

"Little Fiddlers provided a wonderful foundation for my daughter's study of the violin. At age 2 1/2 she learned the correct way to hold her bow, violin and posture which allowed her to make rapid progress later on. Now at age six, she is playing pieces by Bach and just had her first audition for a youth orchestra."

"My kids loved Little Fiddlers! It is a great way to become acquainted with both the violin and fiddle tradition. Every week we would get to spend time with enthusiastic and patient teachers who's love for music was infectious. Today both my children are still playing the fiddle and I love the fact that they know how to play such a beautiful instrument that will be welcome whether they choose to play in an impromptu jam session or their high school orchestra. "

"Both my kids started in the Little Fiddlers class before 'graduating' to using a real fiddle in Fiddlers. They loved learning the songs (and dances!) and learned fun ways to remember correct posture and fiddle and bow holding. We sing the songs they learned in class at home together and it's fun to see how my older child is learning to play those same songs on her fiddle now. I love being part of the class and participating with the kids. I feel that parent participation in the class reinforces the communal part of making music."

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