Beginning Fiddlers:
3½ - 5 years

Our Fiddle program is rooted in folk repertoire from around the world. Students will learn to play fiddle tunes by ear once they have experienced the tunes physically, visually, and aurally. We listen to, sing, dance, and play our tunes. All of this work develops the child’s ability to learn by ear. Our approach takes the time to allow children to make their own musical discoveries and meaningful connections. Through experiential learning, they are prepared well to uncover and understand new musical skills and concepts. At all stages, we emphasize posture and playing position to always provide a solid foundation for next levels of learning. Embracing a social learning community, the classroom is a collaborative learning environment between teachers, parents, and students. Your class will be co-taught or kept to a minimum enrollment that maximizes individualized attention.

For this parent-child class, grownups participate alongside their child, quietly witnessing, scaffolding the learning, and joining in with the song and dance. Parent participation is crucial to the musical development of your child. Parents’ presence is comforting, supportive, allows for empowering the child, and your knowledge will help with practice and play during the week.

As part of the learning, young folks and their families are encouraged to participate in The Saturday Open Jam and other open music making events throughout the year.

Class Schedules and Availability