Beginning Fiddlers:
3½ - 5 years

Beginning Fiddlers is a non traditional violin method rooted in folk tradition. Students will learn to play folk songs by ear through dancing, singing, and percussion. In the early part of the session we emphasize posture and position to provide a solid foundation for later learning. Students will also benefit from socialization, especially for those who have not been to preschool or day care. The class is team taught, allowing your child to receive individual attention in a group setting.

The Kids’ Fiddle Program is aligned with other Kids’ and Adult programming allowing them to participate in a wide array of open jams and other musical events.

This is a parent/child class. Parents will be asked to join class and participate by singing, dancing and even playing along. Parent participation is crucial to the musical development of your child. Parents’ presence is comforting and your knowledge will help with practice sessions during the week.

Class Schedules and Availability