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Guitar 1 - Kids

When you have completed Guitar 1, you will be a confident guitarist and comfortable playing in the classroom, in our jams, and with your friends on stage.

In Guitar 1, you’ll train your ear to tune your guitar, you’ll learn the names of the musical notes, you’ll learn the language of playing guitar and making music, you’ll be confident in your right hand rhythm playing, you’ll learn what a musical scale is, you’ll learn how to play a scale, you’ll learn how to make a chord out of that scale, you’ll learn 5 chords, you’ll hear when to change chords in a song, you’ll learn how to sing and then, play a tune, you’ll learn how to keep rhythm and tempo when you play alone or with others, you’ll learn how to make a good tone with your guitar, you’ll learn 4/4, 2/4, 3/4 and stop time, you’ll learn how to play the chords, melody, and sing along with a tune, and you’ll build a base of skills, tunes, and musicianship to cultivate a lifelong connection to music and guitar!

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