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Sound Healing Workshop with Jay Taylor

Join sound meditation facilitator Jay Taylor for an experience in sound. Settle into the space with light guided breathwork and the setting of intention. Find a place of comfort as the powerful frequencies of the crystal singing bowls and percussion interact with your cellular structure and brain state to elicit your experience. Allow your journey to unfold as you practice the art of acceptance, utilize the tool of breath to navigate points of resistance, and ultimately arrive into a state of deep relaxation. No skills, abilities, or beliefs are required to participate and/or benefit from this experience. 

Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket, pillow, eye mask, and whatever else you need to feel comfortable. Also, consider wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing, and eating a light dinner in preparation for your meditative experience.

After completing a 10 year teaching career working with students with disabilities Jay transitioned into the world of sound meditation. Over the past 5 years he has facilitated nearly 2,000 meditation experiences using a variety of healing instruments including singing bowls, gongs, drums, rattles, flutes, electronics, and field recordings.  In 2020 Jay partnered with the Ahimsa Yoga Studios to co-found the Ahimsa School of Sound Healing of which he is the Director and curriculum creator. It is Jay’s mission to demystify meditation and support participants in not only reaching deep states of relaxation, but in developing a deeper connection to their own potential and intuition.

Class Schedules and Availability