Mandolin 2

$202 ($192 members) · 80 minutes · Weekly for 8 weeks

The mandolin has found a home in many styles of music: bluegrass, swing, jazz, old time, classical, folk and rock. Because of its small scale and violin-like tuning, the mandolin is perfect for learning fiddle tunes and melodies. Guitarists will find that mandolin rhythm skills complement their existing technique.

Learn accents and picking techniques to create different grooves and a mixture of open and closed chords to create rhythm parts.

Take Mandolin 2 if you want to learn more challenging tunes and songs from a variety of traditions by ear and with tablature.


Mandolin 1 Repertoire or ability to play chords in the keys of D, A, and G and read tablature or learn by ear. If you play a fretted instrument, sign up for Mandolin 2.

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Mandolins are available for rent or purchase at the Old Town School Music Stores.

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