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Pineapple Dance: Mexican Folkloric Workshop with Erika Ochoa

Experience the Vibrant Rhythms of Oaxaca: The Pineapple Dance Workshop
As Seen on "La Guelaguetza"

Flor de Piña or "Flower of Pineapple" is a folk dance with indigenous origins from the city of Tuxtepec in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Girls dance geometric patterns with pineapples on their shoulders and offer them as gifts.

Step into the heart of Mexican culture with our exhilarating Pineapple Dance workshop, inspired by the colorful traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. Known for its rich heritage of dance and music, Oaxaca sets the stage for a journey into the soul of Mexican folkloric dance.

This workshop invites participants of all levels to immerse themselves in the lively rhythms and intricate footwork that characterize the Pineapple Dance. Named after the vibrant fruit that symbolizes hospitality and celebration in Mexican culture, this dance exudes joy, energy, and a sense of community.

During the workshop, participants will learn the fundamental steps, movements, and expressions that embody the essence of the Pineapple Dance. From the spirited zapateado (footwork) to the graceful arm movements, every element of this dance reflects the dynamism and beauty of Oaxacan culture.

We encourage all participants to bring a Pineapple with the crown intact, as we'll incorporate this iconic symbol into our dance routines, adding a unique and interactive twist to the experience. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps into the world of folkloric dance, this workshop welcomes individuals of all skill levels.

Let the rhythm of the Pineapple Dance transport you to Oaxaca Mexico, where every step tells a story and every beat ignites the soul.

Erika Ochoa traveled to Oaxaca Mexico to learn the Pineapple Dance from the girls from Tuxtepec while attending The Guelaguetza Festival.

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