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Harmony Singing Workshop with Ensemble Sangineto

Learn Unique Harmony - putting together original and beautiful harmonies, using examples from Medieval, Baroque, Celtic, Classical, and contemporary, from a band whom Carnegie Hall called “a unique ensemble indeed.” Ensemble Sangineto has been getting rave reviews for the high quality of their musicianship, a large part of which are their stunning harmonies, whether on a traditional or contemporary tune. They will show students how they decide what harmony will fit best, and how they go about finding it.

The Ensemble Sangineto was formed in 2000 by the twins Adriano and Caterina Sangineto, children of the well-known harp and psaltery maker Michele Sangineto. Having grown up in the artistic environment of their father, the twins have developed a natural flair for ancient music, which they were exposed to in the early stages of their musical growth. They later encountered popular music in all its polychromatic facets, with a special preference for the Irish, Breton and French traditions.

Over the years the project has been evolving and taking up new challenges thanks to the contribution of others musicians. At present the former core of Ensemble Sangineto is completed by the artistic contribution of Jacopo Ventura, guitarist and bouzouki player.

Ensemble Sangineto is an eclectic band which blends skillfully ancient harmonies and sonorities with modern rhythms. The wide-ranging musical experiences of the individual members converge to create fresh and sparkling arrangements of traditional Irish, Scottish, Breton & Italian tunes and original compositions that display influences from many varied musical genres ranging from classical to folk, from Gregorian chant to musical, from pop to Celtic music.

The delicate combination of the pure and magic tones of the harp and of the bowed psaltery with the guitar intermingle with the three voice-polyphonic texture evoking dreamlike and airy atmospheres, which are simultaneously joyful and light.

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