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‘60s Style Go-Go - Deep Cuts with Krista O

So many amazing songs from the ‘60s never topped the Billboard Hot 100. From 13th Floor Elevators to Spirit to The Satintones and more, pony and hully gully your way through an hour of '60s-inspired dance moves to lesser known songs. Moves are modifiable to many levels of fitness, so it's a great way to get your shimmy shaking. We're pretty sure you'll like it like this. 

The deep cuts workshop will meet once every other month unless otherwise discussed and will be taught by OTS faculty member Krista Ortgiesen.

About Krista: Krista taught '60s-style go go for more than 12 years and led The Janes Go Go Dance Troupe through many fringe and glitter-covered performances.

Class Schedules and Availability