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Boygenius Ensemble

Inspired by the supergroup Boygenius, this ensemble celebrates the music of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker and their collaborators. Some of the songs included: "Not Strong Enough," "Me and My Dog," and "Salt in the Wound." Play and sing three-part harmonies in an indie-rock band setting.

All vocalists, acoustic, and electric instruments welcome. Class concludes with an end-of-session performance.

Guitar pre-requisites: Proficiency with open chords and transitions, ability to keep a steady strumming rhythm at medium tempos. Knowledge of bar chords helpful but not required. Guitar 2 rep or similar experience suggested.

Keyboard pre-requisites: Proficiency with either reading lead sheets or playing with guitar charts. Note-reading is not required but may be helpful. Piano 3 or the equivalent experience suggested.

Class Schedules and Availability