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Queer As Folk: Finding Your Voice

Join Old Town School of Folk Music teaching artist, Nathan Kistler (they/he) for an online workshop on finding your voice. This workshop is designed for queer, non-binary, trans, and transitioning folks to explore their singing range and even speaking vocal registers. If you are wondering what is happening with your voice, Nathan aims to be a resource for you by providing information about the voice, especially what is going on in the voices of trans singers and provide options and methods for vocal exploration and improvement. The goal is to be an informational and interactive session, where questions and comments are welcomed. In fact, Nathan wants to use this space to address specific attendees’ questions about their unique and individual voices and situations.

Nathan Kistler (they/he), is a nonbinary vocalist with degrees from Central Michigan University and the University of Notre Dame. They studied voice as a higher baritone/countertenor. Though trained classically, Nathan sings in a wide range of styles. They have always been a fanatic about the voice, especially the ways that folks have trained or modified their voices to change or fit gender norms, or go against gender norms.

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