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What is Groove? A Workshop with Eli Broxham

Subtitled: How to get people to like playing with you!

Musicians and listeners use terms like “groove,” “feel,” and “pocket” to qualify rhythm, but what do those words actually mean, and how do you become a player that exemplifies these qualities? That’s the question we’ll try to answer in this beginner / intermediate workshop. Together, we’ll explore how to play music with others and make it feel good, and how to conceptualize groove in a group context. Bring your instrument, or don’t, but be prepared to participate and deepen your understanding of how players fit together through the lens of folk music.

Eli Broxham is an Illinois native who attended DePaul University, where he studied classical bass performance. While soaking up all the technical and musical skills he could, he formed and fostered a deep love of folk, improvised, and groove-based music. He transferred this love into a career that led him to perform across the city and region with top musicians in multiple genres, including Bluegrass, Old-Time, Jazz, and Rock. During this period, he developed a reputation as a skilled side person with a unique way of playing that gave bandleaders the confidence to give his bass a lead voice during performances. After four years of working professionally in Chicago, Broxham moved to Nashville where he currently resides, working with touring acts such as Miss Tess and the Talkbacks, and cultivating his main musical project: Dallas Ugly.

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