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Home Recording Studio for Singer-Songwriters

Bill Brickey teaches you how to turn your desk, small office or basement into a studio recording space using GarageBand, Pro Tools, Ableton Live or Logic Pro X. The class will only offer detailed technical training in Logic X. Support for general editing, microphone usage, midi interfacing and general connectivity will be available for users of GarageBand, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live on the Mac and Windows platforms. This class will produce a final product that may be used for SoundCloud, iTunes or Spotify Distribution

You must have or be in the process of purchasing an audio interface and Microphone in order to participate this class. Audio interfaces must have a minimum of 2 hybrid inputs (Mic & Line). Microphones should be be XLR type NOT USB. Consultation on these devices and purchase of same will be provided in detail to registered students.

Class Schedules and Availability