A New Approach to Songwriting: Python

We all know the feeling. You've been in the zone for hours on end, channeling THE GREATEST SONG EVER WRITTEN -- when it dawns on you that you've done nothing more than change the lyrics to Stand By Me. While you can't argue with results, wouldn't it be nice to gain a fresh perspective on the process of songwriting, and finally develop your very own trademark sound?

In this workshop, we will conduct a lab experiment that takes some of the most well-recognized songs of the past, and applies a bit of magic to them known as Python. Python is the computer programming language of data scientists and quantum computer programmers, and it's human readability makes it a fantastic alternative to traditional music notation. Participants with programming experience are encouraged to follow along on their own computers, however this workshop will be focused entirely on music composition, with no technological prowess required. Grab your little black songwriting book, a pencil, and let's experiment together.

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