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African-Rooted Percussion Workshop with Sanba Zao

This workshop with Sanba Zao will focus on the basics of Vodou drumming and singing. Participants will learn foundational Haitian rhythms such as Yanvalou, Petwo, and Nago and will work with both Sanba Zao and Steeve Valcourt to learn a couple Vodou spiritual songs that work within the rhythms.

Sanba Zao (Louis Lesly Marcelin) is a legend of the racine (roots) music movement in Haiti. A founder of the Sanba and back to the earth movements in Haiti, Sanba Zao has been on the musical scene for nearly 30 years. He is a master drummer with an encyclopedic knowledge of traditional songs and rhythm. Zao is a professor at L’Ecole National des Arts, Haiti’s national arts school, and he devotes his life to teaching and promoting the culture and music of Haiti. He is a musical guide and mentor to young musicians in Haiti and is one of the leaders of Lakou Mizik providing the essential cultural foundation for the band’s music.

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