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Melody First with Robbie Fulks: Thoughts, Exercises, and Feedback

Strong melodies are essential to strong songs. But we have to unplug our rational, language-loving minds to compose them, and largely for that reason they tend to be the most elusive part of songwriting. We’ll discuss some principles and modes of inspiration. Then we’ll look close at some strong simple melodies we all know, such as “London Bridge” and “Over The Rainbow.” What are some of the compositional ideas that make them so memorable and pretty? Finally I’ll offer a range of simple writing exercises for you to try later at home -- many for melody, and a couple lyric ones too, just for fun.

We’ll be offering a series of intimate follow up/feedback sessions with limited enrollment the week following this workshop. We’ll look at each other’s results, critique them, and find ways expand them further, in the unending quest to write a great song.

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