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DADGAD Guitar in Irish Music with Ed Boyd of Lúnasa/Flook

Ed will explore the possibilities offered by this guitar tuning widely-used in accompanying Irish tunes by looking at different chord shapes, progressions and substitutions, rhythmic approaches for jigs and reels, and right-hand techniques both with and without the pick. Ed will be more than happy to answer any questions from participants during the session.

Ed Boyd has been a prominent guitarist in the UK and Irish traditional music world for over twenty years. He is a founding member of the much-revered Anglo-Irish quartet Flook since their inception in 1996. Ed is a long-term associate of the great Mancunian flautist Michael McGoldrick, he has played in highly-lauded Northern Irish singer Cara Dillon’s band for over a decade, and he was asked to join ace instrumental band Lúnasa in 2012. Ed has run a week-long guitar class in Cambridgeshire for the past two decades as well as shorter workshops at numerous festivals.

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