How to Fiddle Pain-Free: A Workshop With Brandi Berry Benson

Have you ever sat down to play your favorite tune, but had a crick in your neck?  Ever experienced soreness or tightness in your shoulder or arm while holding your fiddle? Ever had your fingers or hand cramp in a jam session? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you. Our focus will be on how to establish a tension-free posture and technique, identifying those target pain areas, and how to start your journey to playing fiddle pain-free. We will also walk through a series of technique exercises and light stretches designed to help reduce stress on the body while playing. We will discuss the benefits not only for your health, but also on your playing technique for extended periods of time. Fiddlers/Violinists of all skill levels are welcome, and time will be devoted to addressing the concerns of each person in attendance.

Class Schedules and Availability