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Eureka! Refining Your Songs with Robbie Fulks

This 2-day songwriting workshop series includes Songwriting Insights with Robbie Fulks on December 1 and Refining Your Songs With Robbie Fulks on December 8.

Writing songs is a two-part process. There’s the “Eureka!” stage and the “refine your inspiration” stage. This two-part workshop series will offer ideas to help you navigate both stages in your personal, creative process. The first class session, “Songwriting Insights with Robbie Fulks", is more presentational, and Robbie will share insights into some of the principles that guide his writing process and will analyze the lyrical and harmonic content of a few master American songwriters. The second session, "Refining Your Songs with Robbie Fulks", is more interactive and will be limited to 10 students in order to really work on one of your original songs with Robbie. This second, smaller group will focus on something the students have written - a song, or even a song idea. Robbie will lead the group in discussing everyone’s work. With everyone sharing constructive feedback, some strategies should emerge for expansion, revision, and improvement of the songs.

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